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Bronze 12 Nov 2008 20:30

How unlimited are your horizons?
So does everyone here go for months on end, lapping the world? Or are there more like me on here who snatch a week or two at a time?

Hooli 12 Nov 2008 20:33

im like you, a week or two at a time. doing more appeals but reality like work & bills seems to conflict with that.

PropTP 12 Nov 2008 20:41

Im like you too...Take 1 to 3 weeks off and make do with that.

Id like nothing more than to fire up the steed and drive off for months at a time :mchappy: but ive got work, bills, a girlfriend ive gotta tend to.

mollydog 12 Nov 2008 21:16

Horizons Limited
Hey, maybe we could start a new Forum?:smartass:
Horizons Limited! ?c?

frinch11 12 Nov 2008 21:30

Wow! This thread has certainly de-limited my horizons!

I was under the impression no one was allowed to tell the truth, and that everyone is supposed to lie about being a hardened adventure biker. I have never even ridden a motorbike let alone own one. In fact I don't even like them - I only joined so I could come to the HU Bar and talk about myself all the time

PropTP 12 Nov 2008 21:44

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Weather is projected to be dry with temps in the 75f to 85f range. Not bad for November, eh?
This is where im at now...feel like crying:

olebiker 12 Nov 2008 22:06

I have been lucky enough to do both.

Gummikuh 13 Nov 2008 03:28


After our first longer trip (3month in afrika) we thought we want more!!

So we left germany in september 2006 traveld 8 month in Afrika shipped to OZ. Worked there for 6 month traveld for 5 month. Now we're working in OZ for 2.5 years starting in 2010 travel for 3or 4 years in a row;-)))

If you really want it YOU CAN !!!

Greetings from OZ Werner+Claudia

farqhuar 13 Nov 2008 05:23

Unfortunately living in Oz, if you want to see anything outside of this country it means an extended trip away so we definitely tend to take outr time.

My major rides have been:
1975 - New York to LA via Mexico/Guatemala - 3 months.
1977/78 - Singapore to South Africa via Europe - 20 months
1984 - LA to Brazil - 6 months
2008 - Vietnam to Italy via China/Russia - 5 months

In addition, I have done a number of one month bike trips around various parts of Australia and short rides through Asia, and a 12 month backpacking trip through Asia/Europe.

Each year I generally do a one week ride with a group around the SE of Australia and a few weekend getaways, but the vast majority of my riding is commuting, which certainly beats getting stuck in traffic snarls in the car. :)

Garry from OZ.

Dakota 13 Nov 2008 09:12

We're limited atm - kids, dogs etc - but once they've flown the nest, we'll take longer trips again. So we're out every weekend riding local trails.

Like Mollydog, we live in a similar climate and his photos could have been taken just up the road from us. But we're only forecast 18-19C and sunny for the next 10 days tho, so a bit cooler here.

Flyingdoctor 13 Nov 2008 13:42

I've done 3 week trips in Scandinavia where I've moved on every day and you get to cover a lot of ground that way and see a little as you pass through. I've started staying put for a week at a time and exploring a little deeper now before moving on. In fact my last "Adventure" I drove 100 miles from the ferry, set up camp for 17 days on the same site and it was perfect. Was it an adventure, sure. Was it "Adventure motorcycling" maybe not.

Dan23 hit the nail on the head when he wrote something like " Adventure motorcycling, it's just going on holiday on your bike".

Xander 13 Nov 2008 13:51

I would say that the majority of people on here mostly do short trips with the hope or the experience of a few long trips in between.. Money and modern life make it necessary to work (sorry for the dirty language) ..So far all we (Mrs. X and me) have done is the "short trip thing". We do/have done anything from the weekender to a month, but it always seeing new things so "limited" does not apply (although i understand your choice of terms) any thing that is new to you is expanding your horisons .. like Cam said

I believe that the rewards of travel don't depend on distance. Like horsepower in your engine, more isn't necessarily better.
..We are planning a long trip (of the year+ variety) for next year but that does not mean it will be "better" then any of our short trips just longer and farther.. As of today one of my most favourite trips has been a massive 350miles though spain's picos de europa over the course of a staggering 10days (we rode more in the UK getting to the ferry then we did in spain).. Not far or long but fantastic, loved every minute of it... We stopped everywhere and saw things that most people will never see (including but not limited to talking our way into some caves with drawings that is closed to the public). It definately expanded my horisons!!

Mrs. X felt the same way as you (limited) i.e: because we only have done short trips we "dont belong", but at the HUUK meeting she realised that the lucky ones who have traveled for long durrations are not differnt to you and me (except they may be better ££ savers then me). This place showed her that we can do it.. it you can travel for a week you can travel for a year (ignoring the £££ and home responcibliities side). Every one was welcoming and it changed our lives, it changed our focus.. we now save every penny.. and we will "achieve our dream"..

So dont worry about the distance/durration.. and see what you want to see, and do what you want to do.

lorraine 13 Nov 2008 16:29

In my teens and twenties I did three month trips which meant quitting the job, putting junk in storage and dropping my cats off with friends. Then when I returning, reversing that process. It didn't work for me. Now at 48, I've taken my career on the road since 2003, and this works much better for me. I can take my time (Central/South America for three years), and take my animals.
Happy, happy!

Bronze 13 Nov 2008 19:16

That's reassuring. I thought I was the only one not to have gone through Mongolia.

craig76 14 Nov 2008 14:45

I've never been out of Europe, on or off the bike, but I do find that reading about other people's travels are an inspiration even if what you do is limited to a 3-week trip.

Beats a sunny, sunday ride out anytime :thumbup1:

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