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Newbiker 6 Feb 2012 13:23

HELP! Fecha VCTO Argentina
Hello people;

I entered Ar January 2011 with a Motorcyle. Following a recent conversation with another motorcyclist I checked the Aduana document issued to me and there is a date VCTO for July 2011. During this year the bike has remained in the country even though I have gone abroad a few times.

What are the consequences of this and any constructive advice would be most apprecited.

When I arrived the controls at the frontier were not perfect and wonder if it would be possible to exit without publicising the issue, is that likely to create more problems than to solve them?http://baexpats.org/images/smilies/frown.gif

I can stay in Argentina longer for work/living purposes, but the problem does not go away if I need to go to CHile to sell the bike.

I am currently advised that the bike is likely to get seized or fined so heavily that it would not be worth paying.


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