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gibbo996 8 Nov 2011 19:42

Well lets see how many drz owners are out there ! or past owners out
there ! Been tooling around with a DRZ400sm lovin it cant wait to get it
on the green lanes and quarrys round these ways , its great on the road
sticks like glue, cheap parts , i think there for winners :D
also ride a sports bikes and it dont half make me smile my little drz
just waiting for my mate to find me some other rims for knobbies :funmeteryes:
Think there bang on the money ...

Thanks for your time guys and girls

createAbang 9 Nov 2011 02:29

+2 here!

gibbo996 9 Nov 2011 18:20

Hello Sandy & Mike thanks for reply lovin the drz , i was looking to trade the bike in summer for a Yam xt660z tenere for RTW but been useing the bike alot great fun going to and from work ! I was knocked of the bike other week filtering in traffic someone in a ford focus opened there door on me bounced of the focus and down the side of a vauxhall after seeing stars and picking myself up the damage to the bike
was very little amazed make's a change lol.....

Looks like i will be keeping the drz still want the XT660 god am so glad am not married

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