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henryuk 21 Jun 2011 10:35

Does anyone live near DAGENHAM (UK)??
As part of Team HBP's preperation to cross the Sahara on pizza delivery bikes we have scored three honda innovas. One of these was a bit bent so we were a front-end down. I bought one on e-bay but the guy I got it off is refusing to post it, so I will have to make a 15-hour round trip from Sheffield to pick it up, and lose a days work in the process. I was wondering if any HUBBers lived near Dagenham and could do me a solid by picking it up and sticking it in the post, all expenses paid (within reason, a room at the Marriot to package it would not be covered!).

The eternal gratitude of team HBP will forever be with you!!

Socks 29 Jun 2011 23:50

have you managed to have this picked up?
If not would it fit onto the back of a bike?

PM me if you still require help on this.

No promises but speak to me.


DougieB 30 Jun 2011 00:00

I don't understand yoof-speak. do me a solid ? front end down ?

if you want a motorbike ridden from darn-sarf oop-norf then I might be able to help you. but, come on, you're planning riding 'the sahara', but you baulk at london-sheffield, a whole 15 hours... ?

Belle 30 Jun 2011 00:10

I thought he was asking for a bit of a bike to be picked up and posted to him as the retailer refused to do so. Did I get that wrong?

henryuk 30 Jun 2011 15:45

Sorry for the delay in updating, been away at HU ripley etc etc.

Brett has very kindly offered to pick the part up and bring it to Sheffield, many thanks!

Belle, that was indeed what I was asking!

Dougie - The thought of riding from Sheffield-London-Sheffield isn't a problem, but the thought of doing it with no tax, no MoT and no front end is! Vicous circle - we need the part to have the bike to get the part with... We will then be riding from Sheffield to London to Brighton to Sheffield in a day to join the Ace Cafe reunion run (aka the Brighton Burn Up). At about 45mph. On A-roads.

In terms of 'yoof' speak a front-end down means we are missing a front-end. I am pretty sure that the term 'a man-down' and similar have been in use for a while. 'A solid' means a solid favour, a southern expression I believe that I was hoping would strike a chord with Dagenham residents!

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