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riti 11 Jul 2010 23:08

Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy - shameless plug
I don't work for Desert Rose, I'm just a punter that took my KTM 950 Adventure (own bike) on their big bike day today (11/7/2010).

Didn't realise when I first looked into it that it was a proper training day, and thanks to the world cup final there were only two of us on it (Hi Ralph!).

We were out near Leominster all day on mostly National Trust land (with full permission), and it was fantastic. Starting at the very basics of getting on and off while on the trail up to tricky steep inclines (with no run up). Zippy (our instructor) was fantastic, and I have come away a much more confident rider.

£145 very well spent, and you don't get many instructors with the credentials of Zippy and Patsy Quick (thanks guys).

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