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Testcase 1 Jul 2011 18:22

Check out our motorcycle podcast...
Hi, my friend and I do a light-hearted weekly podcast about riding. It's pretty general, though I think we drift more towards sport-touring/touring in general. He rides a Strom and Ural and I have a Honda VFR, a Buell Ulysses, and a Suzuki M50. We're not experts on anything, but like to have some laughs while talking about our favorite hobby.

Our newest episode is called New Energy Snacks.

We have Ben Slavin of MotorcycleMexico.com on talking about his DVD set with info on traveling by bike into Mexico. We talk about the Sena SMH10 and the RideCool Phase-Change Vest.

And I eat a new sort of hardcore adventure snack...

Testcase 1 Jul 2011 18:57

Sorry.. meant to post this in the Bar instead of the After the Big Trip... though, I guess listening to podcasts would qualify for an after activity :)

Testcase 30 Dec 2011 17:39

Interview with Ted Simon
To close out the new year, we got a very awesome guest on: Ted Simon! He's a very interesting guy to talk with and not just because he went around the earth on a 500cc Triumph! It was really cool that the timing worked out that we could end the year with such an awesome interview. Our connection to him wasn't the best so I'd recommend listening with headphones or a quiet place (I had a hard time hearing him sometimes while in the car).

Ep 33: Wouldn’t Mind A Statue

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