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jkrijt 29 Dec 2012 14:02

Camping Moto in Bonlieu in France
From July 11 to August 6, 1977 I worked in my vacation at Camping Moto in Bonlieu in France. Unfortunately I have hardly any pictures of that time.

If anyone has been there in that period and had some pictures, I would be very happy if you could mail me a digital copy (or post it as reply on this posting)

backofbeyond 29 Dec 2012 18:01

Well, believe it or not I was in Camping Moto in early Aug 77. I spent a few days there waiting for a friend and his (now ex) wife to turn up before we then went off to Geneva and Venice.

According to the labels in my photo album I only took one picture while I was there and it's only a general view of our camping area in the corner of a field - sadly not the sort of thing to get the memories flooding back. 1977 wasn't one of my better touring years and I didn't take that many pictures but I'll post it anyway as soon as I upload it to Photobucket.

backofbeyond 29 Dec 2012 18:43

Camping Moto Aug 77 - although tbh it could be anywhere.


jkrijt 29 Dec 2012 22:39

Thanks guys.

I am surprised to have found two people who have been there so quickly.

I'm looking forward to more pictures :clap:

On my website, I have a lot of travel reports ( http://jkrijt.home.xs4all.nl/trips/index.shtml ) but I saw the one of my trip to Camping Moto was missing so I got my 1977 moto-diary and started to rewrite it for my website. Unfortunately there are very few pictures so, any pictures of the camping itself, the bar, activities on the camping etc. are very welcome. Ofcourse I will put the name of the photographer under the picture you send me, if I use it on my website.

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