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henryuk 1 Jun 2011 14:30

Business Partner Required
As part of my continuing 'how do I fund this lifestyle' problem I have been pricing up a business venture that would be a one-off taking place late 2012/early 2013.

Obviously I don't want to put up a business plan here as it is not rocket science and I wouldn't want someone else jumping all over it, but you would need to put in:
Some cash
Some time
Some space if you have it

You would get back
Some cash
A bike trip abroad

This would be in the form of either a lot of cash and no trip or cash - trip (I am going for the latter)

I am in the early stages of doing the maths at the moment but ROI is looking like 80%. Very very low risk of total loss, which can be insured against.

Piqued your interest? PM me to discuss!!

It could certainly also happen sooner but I have some other big trips in the pipeline.......



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