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XRM 20 May 2010 17:29

Left the UK 10 days ago, spoke to the bank before I left to let them know I was on the road. Tried to transfer money today - site asks for a card reader! FFS why didn't they mention this 10 days ago. They suggested I might borrow one ... right.

Rant over - for now

engjacques 21 May 2010 07:57

UK banks are usless. When I emigrated to the US five years ago I went into HSBC - the worldwide bank - too find out if they had banks in California and they said no. They're not everywhere but there are quite a few of them about. And Barclays say they have no nothing here, but my wife has one of there 'store' credit cards.

I guess what I;m saying is take what they say with a pinch od salt

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