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zx7rev 18 Jul 2012 01:18

Australia japan and malaysia, in a month?
Hi all!
Is this the best place for this thread???
Would a round make it ok to throw it out there???
Great ... What y'having, and what d'ya think to this???
As a race fan, I am seriously considering the following itinary and would welcome any help, advice, slaps round the face, whatever ... on anything from visa's, licences reqd to ride bikes, Japan's reputation for getting around, if yr stupid (would have to get from tokyo to motegi and back), the chances of getting hold of a bike fr 2 weeks in Australia (cheap), accomodation motogp tickets (pre book or pay on the gate) ... the lot
Thanks in anticipation ... this is the plan ...

October 11. 12 fly to Tokyo to attend Japanese motogp in Motegi (race day 14 oct)
October 15 fly Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur to attend Malaysian motogp (race day (21 oct) and a few days to chill!
October 22 fly Kuala Lumpur to Sydney ... hopefully get a bike for 2 weeks and ride the coast down to Philip Island for the weekend's racing, (27-28 oct), and have a week to explore, before having to return to the u.k.
There will be me and a friend going, but plan is, for my mate to stop on in Australia, when I return home.

I'm blind, into this, so any comments would do ... sorry ... yeah, don't mind if I do ... pint, please ... lager, ta!

I've also posted on 'Bike swap' forum Re. this!

Chris of Japan 18 Jul 2012 09:19

I can only say for Japan, which I know well, but it is certainly doable.
You could even rent a motorcycle. I think japanbikerentals.com even would program you a GPS route to Motegi if you asked.
Public transportation is also avaialble. Just make sure you do your homework on how to get there before you arrive. It involves buses as well as trains.
You may want to give yourself another day in Japan, however. Leaving the day after the race means you have to get back to Tokyo early the next day or make your way back after a tiring day at the races.

brettsyoung 27 Jul 2012 16:06

The Australia bit is also doable and will be the finest two weeks of your life. You can start in Brisbane but I would start in Sydney. As you head south you'll be joining hundreds of other bikes making the pilgrimage. At the first fuel stop have a chat to other riders and you'll likely get a locals' tour of bike heaven. There are thousands of kms of bloody fine mountain roads between Sydney and Phillip Island. Some of the best are between Canberra and PI down through quiet (except for all the bloody bikes) forest mountain roads. You'll see bikes passing you in the opposite direction as they return for another go at the road.

If you end up going I can give you a detailed rundown of the route. The GP website is great (assuming you'll camp at the track - though we always stay in the town of San Remo). Beware PI has the most fickle weather - last year it was high twenties and sunny on practice day and race day was a freezing single digits with horizontal rain and gale force winds - so you need to carry the full range of kit.

You must book everything early. This event is extremely popular in Oz and you'll need to secure a rental bike and accommodation early.

If there is nothing else you do in this lifetime you must do this.

Happy to give more detailed info as required. Unfortunately I'm in Africa this year and I'll miss the race - I think I just shorted the keyboard with my tears.


brettsyoung 27 Jul 2012 16:15

Should've mentioned that there are several bike rental places in Sydney. You'll be looking at $100-250 a day depending on the bike plus a hefty bond. Not cheap. Almost worth buying and selling back to a shop (but I've got no idea about this).

If you like lager you'll do well in Australia.

Also, if the trip falls through for whatever reason the SBK race at Phillip Island is also a bloody great event (better than GP in my view - many less people, bike access trackside, less tourists, less cops etc).

I've done the GP in Malaysia (back in the Doohan days) and it wasn't a particularly pleasant day. It was STINKING hot, there was no beer (obviously), the track is miles outside of KL and a hassle to get to. But it was probably cheap, and it is always cool watching a race in another country.


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