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Warthog 31 Aug 2009 19:42

XL / DR / NX / XT Comfort and MPG: what's your experience?
So I posted in "which bike" to get some views from folks.

My criteria were comfort (kindness to my back: it's a mess), reliability, off-road ability etc.

My shortlist is basically the usual suspects (in no particular order). They are all reliable, all can carry pillions and luggage, can handle some dirt and can be bought from about €1750:
  1. Transalp
  2. Dominator
  3. DR 650
  4. XT 600
Have you owned, or better still, travelled with one of these??c?

If so:

1. Did you have any comfort issues?
(back, hips, @rse, wrists....anything you feel is note worthy)

2. What was you best typical MPG and under what conditions
(e.g. my XR can do 75 mpg, but only about about 70-80 kmph and with Super Moto gearing)

Input gratefully received.

trophydave 31 Aug 2009 19:55

I have owned a 1989 Transalp for about two years now.Regarding comfort,my only problem is the seat.This is probably down to the age of the foam but it feels like you are sitting on the frame after a short while.
It regularly returns 60mpg ridden steadily pretty much obeying the speed limits.

Warthog 1 Sep 2009 12:33

Great stuff. Just the sort of input I need. :thumbup1:

Any more out there?

Pigford 1 Sep 2009 20:42

Just sold an '86 DR600 with 50k miles... bit smokey, but averaged just over 50mpg - mixed riding, mainly shorter runs & back lanes.

Comfy enuff, bit cumbersome off road, but nice perky motor, no surprises..... Hard work on faster roads though!

Got a 2004 TTR600RE now, 4k miles, about the same - 55 mpg, same riding. Nice & comfy, surprisingly agile off road, if you take it steady.

To be honest, apart from the ride quality (DR old & soft - TTR newer & tight) they are quite comparable in a vague sort of way :confused1:

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