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mmountain1 21 Oct 2009 01:08

White Power Fork

I need someones help in identifying the white power fork I bought when i picked up my bike. Unfortunately it's not going on my f650, so just wondered what it might actually fit?

it has a model number of 300.010.31.0 and I believe it's for a KTM.

Thanks to anyone who knows what this fits!

Capo Sakke 21 Oct 2009 19:58

Here is links have you all parts?


WP Suspension Kit for F650GS ABS Models from Touratech-USA


mmountain1 24 Oct 2009 18:16

white power fork

unfortunately it's not the one on the link. I've spoken to white power and they seem to think it's off a KTM. Any chance I can send the image over to you?


Capo Sakke 24 Oct 2009 18:57

Of course could you take measurements of the parts that helps identifying!

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