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mattcbf600 29 Nov 2011 09:26

Tyre choices - 120/70 R17 & 160/60 - R17
Hi all,

Back in the day I bought myself my rather fantastic XT660X - the road version. That means of course that I get a fantastic choice of rubber for when I'm on the road - which, given the nature of the bike - is about all the time.

However, as I start to hit than the simplest graded gravel (the bike was bought in Oz where that was the most frequent type of surface I hit) I'm starting to struggle find some decent boots.

Wheels are:

120/70 R17 & 160/60 - R17

I need something a bit more rugged - something along the lines of the Pirelli MT60 - MT 60 , Motorcycle Tyres - PIRELLI INTERNATIONAL

Now I can get a 120/70 MT60 for the front - but the rear is causing an issue... the Conti guys are being fab and are having a look around for me.... but someone else must have had this issue... anyone got a suggestion?

There's beer in exchange.


mattcbf600 29 Nov 2011 09:30

and of course now I actually dig some more I've discovered these options... so your thoughts please on...

Avon Distanzia SM AM44 Supermoto 160/60 R17 69H - Distanzia - Avon Motorcycle Tyres - Motorcycle Tyres

mattcbf600 29 Nov 2011 09:31

and finally... what about just changing the wheels?

Bertrand 29 Nov 2011 09:51

Hello Matt- long time no video !!
Before you (may have to) go the change-the-wheels route
have a look at the Heidenau's K60 Scout that I have on my F650
Like all tyres, it's a compromise but IMHO, the best all round travel tyre giving strong mileage and good grip on and off road.
Check sizes as I do not know if they exist in yours.
I've gone one size up on OE rear rim-(140 instead of 130)
Front rim changed to Excel Takasago 21" using OE hubb

I once used Mitas E07's but did not like the way they had cracks at each block after just a couple of thousand miles- It just didn't feel right although some people love them-

mattcbf600 29 Nov 2011 12:45

No scout - but what about the k73?

mattcbf600 6 Dec 2011 15:48

Thanks dude - yes the Avons - quite fancy those - but I get differing reports on if they're actually available for my bike - will have to email them I guess - any other ideas?


mattcbf600 6 Dec 2011 16:00

ahh here we go

Distanzia | Avon Tyres

they are listed properly on the Avon site.... will give those a blast down to the Pyrenees in the summer and see how they behave.

Anyone else got experience with them?


mattcbf600 6 Dec 2011 16:07

So it's actually a battle between Pirelli and Avon

Prielli MT 60 Corsa (I don't understand the difference between the Corsa and the normal MT60)


and the Avon Distanza

Distanzia | Avon Tyres

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