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Jtw000 16 Dec 2011 04:41

Spark plug bodge
Ok, I have a slight problem with my plugs. I use NGK Iridium because they're slightly better but the problem with them is they have the old fashioned screw top fitting and my bike has coil-packs. I have fitted the screw-on adapters but they don't fit on very well, they rattle loose and I get sketchy contact, this has happened again. Now i'm having trouble finding new plugs so I was thinking of ways I can make the ones I have work better. I can't thread-lock them (can I?) because that would put, what I assume is a good insulator along the line of contact but I thought maybe I can solder the top on? My bike is a lean-burn single, she gets pretty hot so i'm wondering if solder is going to work or just melt away and cause a whole load of new problems. Any ideas?

pbekkerh 16 Dec 2011 09:18

There will be contact on the underside of the plug threads and the topside of the adapter threads, threadlock will only fill up the empty space, where there is no contact.

Being high voltage, you couldn't isolate it anyhow with just a thin smear of something. The spark would still jump over.

djorob 17 Dec 2011 13:28

Just squeeze the terminal slightly to close the hole up a little, should screw on tight then and not come loose, don't over-do it though. Used to have to do this on all the plugs on an old kwak I once had.
Good luck.

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