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Tim Cullis 26 Jul 2012 09:05

Removing the cat on a XT660Z Tenere
Seeing as you need a login for the xt660.com site where I posted these initially, here's the pics from when I did this in April 2010.

Here's where we are so far...


Our best guess is that the cat is in the raised section to the left, i.e. close to the pipe from the exhaust manifold, with the silencer gubbins in the bit to the right. So one plan of action is to cut into the raised bit and have an experimental dig.


View of the bottom of the exhaust box.

OK, job now done...

Cutting open the standard exhaust exposes...

heat resistent wool held in place by a wire mesh.

With the wool and the mesh removed you can now see the cat.

The cat was cut out and weighs just over 500g

Somewhat freer gas flow now!

The flap welded back again

The cutting, removal and welding cost 20dh (about £1.60) though I gave the guy 30dh as he did such a good job.

Engine response is crisper throughout the rev range, it revs to higher engine speeds more freely and I've gained flexibility lower down. Some of the farting and belching backfires on the overrun now sound more like .22 rifle shots.

So all plus at this stage. :)

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