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oldbmw 29 Aug 2010 21:28

Lots of oil threads, but never one for Grease
Being the dinosaur that I am i decided to regrease the chain on my bike so I could carry a spare ready to roll on my forthcoming trip.

As far as I can remember about 45 years or so ago I used to melt grease, stand the chain on its rivet ends and jiggle it about in the liquid to get the grease inside the rollers. This time I used castrol molyslip grease because I thought this would work well with a chain. But.... It does not really melt until it is a boiling cauldron of sulphurous smells rather like a road side tarmac furnace. Worse the grease and the moly separated out and when it was all cool there was a skin of moly over clear(ish) grease.

What grease is suitable for melting to lubricate chains, I could not find my old favourite 'linklife' is this still available?

I wont be around after Monday for a couple of weeks as I am off on a little jaunt.

Bike trip intended route.

Depart home Tuesday AM , heading for Montlucon and onto the RN79 towards Moulins and Macon.
From there down to Chamberlay, Albertville and on the RN 90 via Lechere to Italy where the road meets up with the road from Mont Blanc tunnel towards Turin.
Avoiding Turin, head towards Milan and then up to Monza then Lecco and on to Austria Via Sondrio in North Italy.
Pass by Innsbruck in Austria into southern Germany and from there Via Tittmoning into The Czech republic towards Prague but turning right before it to go to Kutna Hora ( church of bones).
From there to Poland ( Nowa Ruda) and Jugow to see the Flytrap at N50.62882 E16.49430 before returning to East Germany via Gorlitz and Colditz. From there to the diesel bike rally in Hamm (Westfalen) then home via Antwerp in Belgium.

so in case this thread gets lost, can you pm any information please.

Big Yellow Tractor 29 Aug 2010 22:16

We used to buy a big flat can of grease that was designed to be put on the cooker with the chain in it as you describe.

I think quality o-ring chains, along with modern lubes have done away with this task.

I don't think enough grease gets past the o-rings to make this method worth doing.

"The times they are a chain-ging"

Dodger 30 Aug 2010 05:32

It's made by Putoline

Putoline - Catalogue - Chain Wax

Big Yellow Tractor 30 Aug 2010 07:04

The blurb......

"Chain Wax is a traditional treatment for the lubrication of non O-ring (open MX type) chains. When heated on a stove, the special Chain Wax with Graphite additive will melt and will clean and lubricate the non O-Ring (open MX type) chain. It will penetrate deep into the chain. Chain Wax, with a little more effort then with a spray-can the best lubrication for non O-Ring chains"

Do you think they mean it's for non O-ring chains then ???

Dodger 30 Aug 2010 07:56

I think that oldbmw's Enfield has a non O ring chain .
As far as I know, Putoline is the only company still selling an old fashioned chain grease .
It would be pointless to use this product on an O or X ring chain.

oldbmw 30 Aug 2010 15:33

Thanks, will try to find putoline chain wax.
Yes my enfield uses non O ring chains.

I was amazed at how much heat the castrol grease would take before melting...

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