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mattcbf600 1 May 2011 13:24

Installing Zega pannier locks
Hi all,

I'm going to install the Touratech locks on my Zega Panniers (these ones). I've translated the German instructions that came with them:

Please remove the two rivets of the manual lock on the trunk lock. This can either file off by grinding off, boring, or passing through the rivet head. Stick the enclosed filing template according to the printed marks (holes for the removed rivets) on the lock. Now, the outer contour of the mounting lock are refined or milled. The Integrated Lock is then inserted through the sharpened notch and secured with the clamp.
But before I start filling off rivets and making holes - I was wondering if anyone had any practical experience on doing this and if there are any pitfalls I should avoid? What tools would be best? To be honest - any instructions would be better than those provided by Touratech!



Squire 1 May 2011 14:46

Here's how I did it
It felt the same here.. anyway got on with the job at one point after looking at it for a while wondering why I spent money on this. I first watched a video on youtube demonstrating a technique, got inspired and did it with no harm. I have no small grinder here and could not borrow any, so I drilled through the rivets after punching right in the middle (you'll swear if you don't punch it first...). Using a small grinding tool to remove the rivets from inside does a nicer job of course, but I don't mind the little holes. The trick is to support the latch properly at 90 degrees if you're working on the floor like I had to, a piece of wood (2x4) cut to the right height is of great help. Once you removed the rivets, you then need to enlarge the hole left by the former screw to the width of the narrower side of the lock (no thread). In final, just use a round file to enlarge to the needed oval form, this will take a few minutes only, a lime does a fairly good job and works well in aluminum. It's easier with a beer. /C

mattcbf600 2 May 2011 10:21

Thanks Squire!

I found the video you mentioned YouTube here

YouTube - Touratech Zega pannier lock install

Seeing someone else do it certainly gives me more confidence to have a go. Also, it's prompted me to finally go buy a Dremel ;-)


mattcbf600 3 May 2011 14:24

Just in case this thread comes up again in search. The rather wonderful parts chap at Touratech UK just sent me a link to this PDF


which has English language instructions - and has diagrams and photos! Why don't they send these out in the first place!?


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