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dave ett 17 Aug 2009 16:33

Heidenau tyres
Any knowledgable tyres people here?

I'm very interested in the K60, and have found this site:

moto-tyres.co.uk - Motorbike Tyres: Enduro

Having fed in my tyre requirements I get this page:

There seem to be multiple options for the K60 and I don't really understand the differences.

I understand the size markings.
I understand that TT is tubed, and TL is tubeless.
I understand the load and speed ratings.

What I don't understand is why the tyre with M+S (mud and snow) marked on the side means it's £30 more expensive.

I rang the helpline, and the er, middle-eastern lady read out what the book said but had no more clue than I as to the differences.

Anyone shed some light?

Warthog 17 Aug 2009 16:38

I have often recommened Motorradreifen / online auch über / Polo / Hein Gericke / motorcycle tyres pneus pneumatici gomme neumaticos motorbanden mc däck motorrad reifen mp renkaat for tyres.

I noticed you recently found the site oalso, on another thread. Have looked at prices there, and have you compared the prices? Either way, you could email them: they speak excellent English and were very helpful to me.

I suspect that the M-S version is either a more expensive compound, different carcass or just more expesive because it is less popular and they need to justify production runs.... dunno!

Threewheelbonnie 17 Aug 2009 16:55

The M&S is a different compound. I guess they cost more for the usual reasons of supply and demand, to get the M&S mark requires further testing, so Heidenau do have slightly higher costs. If you ride on snow they do seem to work better, on mud who knows.


dave ett 17 Aug 2009 17:07

Thanks gents.

My next question then, is which one to choose for a trip to Morocco? Sand and gravel, not snow and mud, so presumably the cheaper one.

What worries me is getting a cheaper compund that won't withstand the few thousand miles of road work in between the off road bits...

Bertrand 17 Aug 2009 17:12

  • what mileage are you planning on doing?
  • which bike?
  • One up or two up?
  • What speeds? heavy throttle substantially increases tyre wear
  • luggage?
  • What proportion of compacted earth/gravel compared to road?
all this has an effect on tyre wear and therefore the choice of tyre
IMHO the Heidenau K60 is a brilliant go-everywhere tyre.
In deep wet mud the TKC will perform better but out of that stuff it wears down quicker.

dave ett 17 Aug 2009 17:18

3 week trip: Northern Spain to the Atlas mountains and back, so I suspect 3-4000 miles.

F800GS One up, with luggage.

Not fast riding, as one of the group is on a DR650!

The intention is to ride down there and do a lot of piste riding, so I suspect 70:30 road : off-road when the ride down is included.

dave ett 17 Aug 2009 17:20


Originally Posted by Bertrand (Post 253722)
IMHO the Heidenau K60 is a brilliant go-everywhere tyre.

That's the impression I've got from readers others experiences, but which one! :confused1:

Bertrand 17 Aug 2009 17:22

no worries- that tyre is good for at least 8000 miles:thumbup1:
The more expensive one is better quality- you pays yer monies etc!
(I would- plenty of sharp stones in Maroc in some places)

dave ett 27 Aug 2009 20:48

I ordered the 'top of the range' tyres and they arrived within days. Thanks to Mynetmoto for a top prices and a speedy service!:thumbup1:

Rather annoyingly, when I took the Battlewings off, the rim tape is knackered - I'm annoyed as I only had the Battlewings fitted a couple of months ago at a local tyre place and they never mantioned the state of the tape...:thumbdown:

Big Yellow Tractor 28 Aug 2009 07:47

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Originally Posted by dave ett (Post 253719)
My next question then, is which one to choose for a trip to Morocco? Sand and gravel, not snow and mud, so presumably the cheaper one.

Depends where and what time of year in Morocco. Not exactly "Four seasons in one day" but certainly within a couple of days.

On this trip all the bikes from TTR250s though CRF450s to XR650s were on Michelin Deserts. 10 days of Road, Piste & Off-piste. Three punctures in total, all caused by foriegn objects.

A little bit iffy on oily wet tarmac (I chewed my undies a few times but I was riding like a tw@t) but took everything else in their stride.

Not sure how they cope with prolonged use on dry tarmac though.

*Touring Ted* 9 Mar 2010 23:58

These Heinenau tyres are DAM cheap on wemoto.com

£115 a pair for my DRZ400.

I'm thinking of fitting them hoping they get me to Nairobi from the UK. My new TKC's wont get me that far. I'll be lucky to get out of Europe with them.

buebo 10 Mar 2010 06:37

The more expensive one is a specialized Mud + Snow Tyre, meaning it's made from a softer compound. Just like car tyres it will give you more traction when it's cold and wear down much faster when it's warm.

Quality wise I'd expect them to be the same... :scooter:

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