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indu 15 Dec 2008 23:49

DIY alu panniers
Sorry if this has been posted before, but it is such a GREAT how-to on making your own watertight alu panniers and rack that I couldn't risk it to not being available to you guys.

Here it is. I'm tempted myself...

rtw.xtz660 - Home made aluminium boxes

JonStobbs 16 Dec 2008 20:28

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I made 2 pairs similar to these,1 for my LMF and the other for my partner's Pegaso,mounted them on my own frames.A good source of the ballcorners and ally angle is DJ Equipment, Decks, Mixers, Pioneer DJ, Buy DJ Equipment from Djkit.co.uk although the over-centre catches they supply are not stainless so will tarnish over time...an occasional spray with something like WD40 helps here.A couple of extra tips on going down this route though;
- make sure you use closed-end pop rivets or water will seap through them
- instead of using normal silicone sealant or tigerseal,i used grey lead flashing sealant from a builder's merchants.It does'nt contain acidic substances which will corrode the aluminium and is almost the same colour as the ally itself.
- take your time making them...it 'aint a half day job!

S Glover 1 Feb 2009 03:37

DYI Panniers
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Here's my GS with the 50ltr Panniers I made. I work on Sea Planes so I made mine like I build Floats, water proof sealant and Bucked solid rivets, I too have over-center latches with key-a-like pad locks and aluminum drawer handles. I also made my lids into tables with folding legs.
Thanks to the guy that posted his DYI Pics from "rtw.xtz660" :thumbup1::clap::mchappy:


P.S Check here for more pics..
http:// myspace.com/scottmglover

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