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IronArse 23 Sep 2010 20:25

Bike keeps cutting out.
Hey folks, just a quick question on behalf of a new Mexican friend. He's got a relatively new bike, but it keeps cutting out on him when he's not actually pulling back on the throttle. He's got to keep the throttle pulled back a little bit all the time or it will just cut out. What are the possible causes here for this. I've said maybe either dirt in the carburetor/fuel line, or the air filter needs cleaning. Anyone have any thoughts on this at all, any input would be appreciated, cheers!

Mickey D 23 Sep 2010 21:14

what bike is it? How old is it? How many miles?
Sounds like Carb probs to me. What sort of bike is it? How can anyone sort out a bike if you don't even mention what it is? doh

A Chinese 50cc two stroke?
BMW 1200? Harley Road King?

The Mexicans are very good with carbs and sorting them out. I'd let a qualified moto mech pull it a part ... carefully ... check all jets, check all rubber parts (diaphrams, O rings) and plastic pieces. Make sure all vent hoses are routed correctly.

Look for wear on the needle itself and slide and needle jet.

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garmei 23 Sep 2010 22:59

I have to start with the simple things.... idle adjustment?

If only it was that simple ey? Needles/jets in carb does sound like a good place to look. You could check if any vent lines are kinked too

Tell us what bike it is - maybe someone here has one and knows common issues

Good luck

IronArse 24 Sep 2010 01:59

Aha, yes, the idle is not a bad one at all, never occurred to me as I've never had that problem, good man. I couldn't tell you off hand what the make of bike is, it's just a small mexican made bike, Italika maybe. That's an easy recommendation, I'll go try that, cheers boss.

PocketHead 24 Sep 2010 02:08

Is it a 2-stroke? Every 2-stroke I've ever ridden does this.

skip 24 Sep 2010 08:20

If its a newish bike then check the throttle cables they may be in need of a bit of adjustment. Skip

Sjoerd Bakker 24 Sep 2010 17:48

If it is an ITALIKA it has to be a four stroke single of about 125cc to 150 cc, a replica of a Honda single, I think. Really BIG ones may now be 200cc ITALIKA Company puts them together in Mexico withh motors from China ,I seem to have read while in Mexico. Should be straightforward to sort it out by most Mexican bike shops.Same checklist as previous posts already mention.. They like to have the play on words and red white and green Italian colours in their ads. .
Just did a bit of searching and found this interesting tidbit about Italika. Seems the company is actually part of the ELEKTRA et al empire

Italika: Top Motorcycle Brand in Mexico | Motorcycle News

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