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1fifer1 5 Aug 2007 12:41

Hi to all, well ive gone and done it! treated myself to a drz sm and love it, but im used to a bike from 25 years ago and find the tyre wear unbelievable, now would it be possible to use a tyre with more mileage in it or would it be asking for trouble, if there is such an animal which is the best and what are the pros and cons?
thanks for any advise

1fifer1 18 Aug 2007 19:51

Hi and thanks for your replies, ive been in touch with Avon tyres and was advised these, AM26 Roadriders, now before i go ahead with the advise has anyone got anything to add?
Im only riding from A to B and not pushing things to far!
thanks again

loxsmith 19 Aug 2007 08:50

Had a Super Blackbird that I used to run Bridgestone BT020's on the rear. They are a dual compound tyre (soft on the sides and harder in the middle) a good all round long distance touring tyre with predictable handling. I ran Metzler MEZ6 steel belted tyre on the front to rectify the (scary) head shake common with that model. Both made an excellent combination.


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