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llbaker 6 Jul 2006 20:44

Tires for DRZ?
Im looking to replace the stock Trail Wings on my 04' DRZ400s. I think the majority of my riding will be on pavement/gravel. My best guess would be 60% road, 40% trail. I am a rookie off road. Plan on sticking to novice/beginner stuff. Any suggestions on tires?

Thunderbrit 8 Jul 2006 05:50

Bin the "deathwings" before you even think about going off road! Or better still; use them a few times and then change them - you'll be transformed from complete off road bifa to backing it in and spinning it expert your first time on new tyres.
I used to have a DRz and after lots of off road use on cheap mx tyres I put Pirellis on; I can't remember the model but they only make one decent road legal "dirt" tyre and it really is the dogs bollox!
Also spend some time on "thumpertalk" if you haven't already; they have forums dedicated to DRz's and there is so much good stuff there for what is actually a fantastic dual purpose bike!

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