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Slugnugget 11 Jul 2003 20:55

stock DR650 fuel range
hi all

can anyone tell me the average range you can get out of the stock 13 litre DR650 tank?

thanks Jason

iris_trui 12 Jul 2003 02:29

200 to 230 kms, average. If you go on dirt, it's much less of course. 5,3 to 5,8 liters per 100 kms.
After loooooong searches on the Net two years ago, we found 25 liter Acerbis tanks at this German dealer http://www.motorrad-seifert.de/
Acerbis never made tanks for the last generation of DRs, but this dealer made and adapted a special mount for the SE.
We're very happy with them of course http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif


Iris and Trui
2 belgian women, often travelling on motorbikes (now on DR650SE's)
2nd overland from home to Northern India and back, April-October 2002

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