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jeanied1 18 Nov 2010 21:34

Marauder oil leak
Hi guys!

My 250cc Suzuki Marauder's been leaking oil and I'm not sure how to fix it! It's not pumping oil out, it's more of a slow dripping - I've been away a couple of weeks and left the bike standing in my garage: when I got back, the newspaper I'd put underneath to catch the drips was completely saturated!

Can't identify where the oil is actually leaking from, so would appreciate any steers on how to diagnose - and fix! - this...

Cheers, folks!

Jeanie :mchappy:

oothef 18 Nov 2010 21:54

If it's loosing lots it should be easy to find, thoroughly clean the engine then keep a close eye on it.
Is the sump plug tight, did it have a new washer on it the last time it was out?
Has anything been bashed-anything happened that could have caused it?

jeanied1 20 Nov 2010 07:38

Hi oothef,

It's really just an intermittent drip, nothing drastic. Hasn't had any major bumps or knocks that would have triggered it, so not sure of the cause. Bike's still running perfectly well - took it out for a lovely spin today in the sunshine and it was humming as usual! - so I'm actually inclined just to keep an eye on it and not worry too much about it at this stage unless it gets worse...

Jeanie :mchappy:

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