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ozhanu 24 Oct 2008 10:09

lowering DL650 [nominee for nobel prize]
hi all,

i am about to buy an 2006 dl650 v-strom. I can cope with its standart hight, however, the bike which i am still negotiating for is lowered using the appropriate dog bones (not shaved seat).

i had lowered f650st previously and the bearing which is just at the end of cranckshaft and before the front sprocket has been broken at 28000 miles. This messed up my middle east trip in 2006. There was 3 possible theory:
1- problems while changing the front sprocket
2- heavly loaden bike
3- lowering the bike.

i'll skip first two.

I was suspicioius about lowering. BECAUSE: if you lower the bike you are changing the angle between the front sprocket and rear sprockeet and thus the angle of swingarm. This will cause the change of direction of force and according to my theory might effect the engine. for drawing please go to:

do you think i can win nobel prize in physics next year with my lowering theory?

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