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timdais 26 Sep 2010 23:02

DRZ 400s seals
HI all:helpsmilie:
just a quicky, anyone any thoughts on the rear wheel bearing seals being back to front, as it were, with the spring to the outside ? Took the old ones off like this before bearing change and my clymer is telling me to do this but seems strange as spring is going to last five minutes this way round with the normal crud etc !! Is the actual seal of the seal (as it were), with spring in, going to be to close to the inner edge of the spacer and thats why they do it the other way??
I have got some new stainless spacers which have a raised lip on the inner most edge and when the seals are in with the spring to the inside it all seems hunky-dory to me!!
Any advice cheers
PS starter relay(before) and output shaft seal(4 miles in) went on one of the bikes yesterday during pre trip shake-down:thumbdown: (sorted seal and hopefully get relay of tinternet, better now rather than later tho as they go thurs!!) so had to swop relays to take each bike out again and thought I'd check the good one, the resistance reading between the switching wires is suppose to be 3.5-5 ohms this was 4.9-5. Is this ok as in spec or better to take a spare as close to limit?

Steve Pickford 26 Sep 2010 23:33

The spring should face inwards, file the lip off the spacer IMO.

Have you replaced the stock output shaft spacer with a stainless version? If not, I'd do it ASAP.

timdais 27 Sep 2010 18:38

Cheers Steve
Whats the reason for filing the lip off ? Seems odd they put it on in the first place. I suppose thinking about it its going to interfere with the seal if spring is facing inwards !? Have you got any ideas on the relay? thanks mate

Steve Pickford 28 Sep 2010 01:10

I've not seen lips on any of the spacers on the DRZ's we've ever owned.

Can't help with the relay, if you're off on a log trip, take a spare, they don't take up much space.

brian p 2 Jul 2014 16:55

Have you replaced the stock output shaft spacer with a stainless version? If not, I'd do it ASAP.[/QUOTE]

4 years later i know...but what and where is this located?

Fern 7 Aug 2014 12:10

Counter Shaft Sprocket "Loctite Fix" - DRZ400 FAQ - ThumperTalk

Big Yellow Tractor 9 Aug 2014 07:50

I have thought about this a few times

The type of seal used (double lip seal with garter spring) is usually fitted in "one way" applications i.e. stopping the oil pissing out around a rotary shaft of a gearbox but in the wheel bearing situation we want it to work both ways, keep the grease in and the shit out.

Perhaps one should consider which of those we want it to achieve most efficiently and fit the spring to the "pressure side" So, if you jet wash your bike every day or spend most of your time riding along in rivers, fit the seal with the spring outermost. Otherwise, not.

Of course, logic would also say that by keeping nice clean grease in, we're keeping the crap out.

My conclusion would be that it probably doesn't really make that much difference either way. (but I always fit mine spring innermost)

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