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robbie.gray 21 Apr 2009 00:16

DRZ-250 larger tank?
Hi everyone
I've got a 2008 DRZ-250 that I'm looking to take on a fairly lengthy trip next year. The standard tank is around 8.5 litres (with a couple of litres reserve also). I'm wondering what my options are for a larger tank?
I know that the 250 Djebel comes with a 17 litre tank. Does anyone know whether this can be fitted onto a DRZ?
I'd be particularly interested in any fairly cheap options anyone has come across!
Thanks heaps

Nath 21 Apr 2009 19:07

I've got 23l Acerbis tank for my DR350, it's the one for the Honda XR range. It's a bit of tight fit over the frame backbone but it does fit, just need to make your own brackets.

To some extent any enduro style tank will fit as these bikes all have single tube frame backbones. Obviously the width of the tube, the distance between seat and headstock, the height of the carb and height of the engine are the things you need to worry about. If you chance buying a tank of ebay and hoping it fits (which is what I did), you can always stick it back on ebay if it doesn't fit, and at worse you might lose a tenner.

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