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skip 23 Sep 2010 13:46

DR650se oil pipes
Hi Any one know the best place to get the main oilpipe for my DR650se, I'm in St Petersburg Russia at the moment but will head for Helsinki, Finland.
The pipe got intangled with some fencing wire as i was coming through some woodlands, its started to weep oil at the conection with the flexy pipe and solid steel pipe that go's to the front of the clutch cover, as the motor gets hot i'm now finding oil on the back of the cylinder, i don;t want to remove the pipe and try and repair it yet as this could worsen the problem leaving me stranded. Any idears or if you know if there is a Suzuki dealer in Helsinki, i tried looking on the internet but had no luck. Thanks Skip

MikeS 23 Sep 2010 16:05

Hi Pete,

There seems to be a Suzuki dealer in St Petersberg:

Suzuki � �����-����������

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Failing that you could try:


International Shipping of Yamaha , Suzuki, Sea Doo and Ski Doo Parts

skip 23 Sep 2010 20:27

Thanks Mike the computor here only works in Russian no matter how i try and change the language settings, i had one address come up but it turnned out to be for a local car garage, but these look better i will try and find them in the morning and see what they can do, thanks again Pete

skip 24 Sep 2010 16:38

Hi Mike
Just a quick up date i tried the Suzuki shop here in St Petersburg, end of December early Jan at best for the oil pipe, its not Suzukis fault its the customs they like to check whats come's in to the country just in case it worth some thing to them, will head to Finland tomorrow. Pete

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