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Snchambler 11 Sep 2012 14:07

DR650SE Manual Book??
Wats up everyone...
Im new on this forum:thumbup1: and been doing an extreme amount of reading about bikes as im a beginner and inspired to see more in my life other than my home town... Well after a few weeks of hustling and looking for deals i have found my self a sweet DR650 2010 model with 7000km bier Its in need of a service and im wanting to do it my self but need some help from a manual... any link where i can get a free download?

Warin 12 Sep 2012 00:05

There may be copy write issues with that. So you may find 'us' less helpful with that.

I would suggest using google to see if you can find one that way.

For vast amounts of chatter on the DR650 you can try
the DR650 thread - ADVrider
yhoo groups hove one on the DR650 ..

On a new to me bike the first things I'd do are

change the oil and filter (filter is on the right - three screws on the cover)
Clean the air filter - under left side cover - then another cover and you have it.

You want more?
Check the brake pads for ware.
Replace the brake fluid.
Adjust the valves.

Snchambler 12 Sep 2012 08:16

Thanks Warin..
Been looking alot for a 'free' manual but think its best that i buy one since im going to be using it alot. Don't wanna go to the bike shop and ask them what filters and oils are needed, had a look at procycle filters but wont be so easy getting them as im living in South Africa (zulu land)... Wanting to do my first trip up thru mozambique to Bazaruto Islands from Richards Bay over Dec and Jan so would like to prepare the DR650 so it can handle the rough terrain:)

snatchy 12 Sep 2012 09:26

There is a free manual available online. Have a look in this thread;

Snchambler 12 Sep 2012 12:32

Awesome!! Got it!

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