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ilovemydr 2 Dec 2010 21:08

dr650 front wheel removal
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Hey all-- a super noob question for you. I am about to replace a worn front tire with a new one, but I cant' figure out how to get my wheel off. I have the downloaded service manual, and from that I was able to take off the 4 bolts and plate that hold the axel to the fork. That side is free, but I cant remove the other side or get the axel out. Am I missing a special tool to do this with? I think a previous owner had put these bumper things on the ends of the axel. they spin freely and I don' know what to do from here. My manual doesn't seem to be of help.
Side note- with the wheel axel separated from the left fork tube, I am able "hinge" or rotate the attached part of the wheel to the side. I wonder If this means my forks aren't secured properly. This is my first time doing this so thanks for the heads up!

shu... 2 Dec 2010 23:28

Not sure how those crash bungs are mounted but they need to be removed first.

Then take wrench/socket and turn the axle out- it is threaded into the left side (rider's left) fork. You can see where the wrench should go (on the right side) in your first pic. Unscrew it and pull it out.

The fork tubes are free to rotate a bit. That's ok.

When replacing the wheel, line up the speedo unit so it engages properly in the wheel and also at the lugs on the right fork leg. This is pretty hard to screw up so don't worry about it but look at it as you take it apart.

BE CAREFUL when you put the clamp on the right side back together. Tighten the upper nuts first, then the lower ones. I use a small wrench and tighten them with just my fingers close in on the wrench. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! They do not need to be super tight and many people have broken those studs by over tightening.

Go slow and have fun...............shu

ilovemydr 3 Dec 2010 00:31

Thanks Shu! Your help is much appreciated!

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