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HendiKaf 6 Nov 2007 20:50

DR650 bad year / better year
I think that will be preparing a DR650 for long trip , is there any better or bad year or are they the same ( like the KLR650)


Frank Warner 7 Nov 2007 03:37

Think that is all covered on the FAQ on the Yahoo DR650 Group.

Basically there are

Bad cylinder base gaskets ..
Bad starter motor drives

And latest rumour; loose neutral switch mounting screws .. inside the motor, behind the clutch basket.

Lone Rider 7 Nov 2007 04:05

The starter thing, IIRC, is for '98-'99 bikes.
I haven't seen much other than a few rumors/suggestions regarding the neutral switch thingy, although it has gotten some attention - a good thing. Mine was OK when checked a few thousand ago.

IIRC, the cylinder base gasket was changed to a diffenrent type in mid-year '03. Some, but not all, pre-'03 models have had some leaks. I haven't read where a leak on these models was serious enough to stop the bike.

Your '96 was the first year of the DR650 redesign and it should serve you well.

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