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electric_monk 1 Aug 2001 22:54

DR 650 RS Exhausts
I have just recently purchased a DR650 RS and have since discovered a problem which could possible arise on other bikes as well.
The right-hand exhaust corroded at the point where the pipe widens out into the silencer, it holed on the outside of the pipe and was blowing out onto the plastic side panel. The result of this was that the side panel heated up to the point where it was too hot to touch. At the time this happened the bike was loaded with GIVI soft saddlebags which were resting on the side panel separated by a small towel to stop the paintwork being damaged. The towel ended up being burnt into the side panel and the saddlebags are now slightly scorched. Fortunately I checked the bags for fitment after about 90 miles and discovered the problem before they themselves had a chance to smolder and possibly catch fire. So be warned, no matter how secure your luggage may be attached it pays to check it every so often.

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