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Dazzle 8 Jan 2012 14:46

DR 350 fuel canister removal
I've just acquired a Clark tank for my DR 350
But it doesnt fit with emissions canister thing
Any links to its removal, looks like I can blank off carb and just remove it
But can't be that easy can it ????

yoseph 9 Jan 2012 14:59

i havent seen the thingy what you're talkin bout, but i reckon if its just a tank to catch oil and petrol vapour for rebreathing. Yes you dont "need" it (except maybe to pass mot ? in which case do a quick tank and its acoutrements swap, dont loose the bits )

So remove and vent to atmosphere via long hose probly alongside the tank overflow hose, exiting at ground level away from your cigarete. Do NOt seal it and a short length of hose, at least, is advisable to moderate air pressure changes eg sidewinds, truck bow presure waves etc

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