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hobospy 27 May 2009 12:50

DL650 Rear Bearing Alternatives??
I realise this is a bit of a long shot but one of our rear bearings (I think it is the right one) has had it and we are now officially stuck in Yogyakarta, we have one place to go to to see if they can do anything about it but does anyone know if there are any alternative to getting a new rear bearing like is it possible to get it rebuilt? It only needs to last until we can get to Darwin and easy access to the real parts?

I realise this is a long shot and that the bearings are very specific and I am probably looking like a right plonker asking this but if you don't ask you don't find out :blushing:



pecha72 27 May 2009 14:35

Dont know what model-year your DL650 is, but in the case of rear bearings it doesnt matter, because they´re the same from K4 thru K9. (This is for the E19 or Euro-type, but I believe in this case it should apply to most model versions...)

There should be 2 pcs of bearing 08123-62047 (Suzuki part number), and this bearing´s dimensions are 20x47x14.

And on the rear axle, sprocket side, there is also 1 bearing: 09262-32007, dimensions 32x65x17.

Did not look to me like there would be a lot of parts for big bikes available in Indonesia. And these may very well be model-specific items, too. But there are a lot of vehicles in that country, that need repairing from time to time, so maybe if you get real lucky, it could be possible to find the bearings by dimensions.

As you´ve probably noticed, all over Asia they are very good in fixing things to get them back moving again, but do note that they probably dont care, if your wheel hub will suffer some damage later on, if the rebuilt bearing comes apart again, for example. I would not advice to put a spacer or some other temporary solution there instead of a bearing, either. Possibility of larger damage in a short time.

The closest place to order any genuine parts would probably be from Singapore. Last year I got some work-related stuff sent to me on an envelope by DHL from Europe to Malaysia, and it only took some 3-4 days. So I´d figure it shouldnt take very long from Singapore, but could be expensive.

The dust seals to the rear axle, if you need them as well, should be: 09285-28001 (right) and 09285-39001 (left = sprocket side).
Hope this is of any help & good luck on your journey! Pekka

MountainMan 27 May 2009 21:42

Hey Hobo,

I don't know if that is a commercially common size, but typically they aren't and you have to specialty order.

Looking for a commerical vendor can be a royal pain, usually entails riding around to little hole in the wall supplier to even littlier hole in the wall supplier. Take a quick look though, you may be in luck.

After that, I would try to look up the nearest big bike dealer that might have that in stock. And luckily Japan isn't that far if you have to order from them directly:)

I found that looking around for parts was so time consuming that in the end it would have been easier to order from overseas and have it delivered.

It's a normally stocked item here in Vancouver. If you can't find any other easy solution I can ride down to the local Suzuki dealer and courier you a set. They are probably $15.00 - $20.00 each plus courier charges. Probably 2 days to Jakarta, Yogya maybe a day more. Let me know. Cheers.

*Touring Ted* 28 May 2009 12:20

Bearings aren't specifically made from bikes. They are just off the shelf sizes.

This is when I laugh when people spend £30 on a set of bearings from their local dealer when you can buy them (made at the same factory) for about 1/4 of the price.

You need to get your bearing sizes. Diameter, height, inner diameter etc then find a shop that sells bearings. Even better, take your old one.

Most modern bearings are sealed units and you cant take them apart without destroying them :(

If you get REALLY REALLY stuck, its not unknown for people to "shim" up a smaller bearing with a coke can etc until it fits.. Thats is really LAST RESORT though.

teamgrizzly 2 May 2010 06:06

Universal Wheel Bearing numbers for:

Front Wheel: 6203-2RS
Rear Wheel: 6204-2RS
Sprocket Carrier: 62/32-2RS

Sjoerd Bakker 13 May 2010 15:22

[quote=*Touring Ted*;243710]Bearings aren't specifically made from bikes. They are just off the shelf sizes.


And a note on Teamgrizzly's comment
DO take the trouble to read the bearing numbers on the old bearings to BOTH sides of the axle. Do not assume that both will be the same number . In the case of a KLR front wheel the one side has a slightly smaller bore so that it can be driven out from the other side.

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