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Cody1771 3 Nov 2011 12:49

Complete Travel Tool kit for the Wee?
Hey guys maybe someone has a list i couldn't find anything with the search function. im looking for a COMPLETE tool list you will need for doing long distance trips on the Wee, i mean i could figure it out given a day of tinkering but I'd rather spend that day riding my brand new bike! lol. the small one that comes with it seems to do pretty good but i havnt had to do anything major yet. thanks for your time guys!


Happy Trails

geordie_e 3 Nov 2011 14:08


Your better off trying the wee bikes sites

V-Strom Riders International - Index

Stromtrooper Forum : Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycle Forums

As for the tools, your best stripping the bike and putting tools you use to one side.

The stock tool kits not that bad but theres nothing to remove your front wheel !

My additional tool kit consist of a rachet wrench with extender bars and a handful of sockets, very small screwdriver (for removing the black plastic rivets), zip ties, electric tape and wd40

Hope this helps

Geordie aka Will

Fern 13 Nov 2011 22:16

spend an afternoon stripping most of your bike apart, put aside every tool you use, and that will give you a good idea. Once you have this list, then try and downsize or find tools that double up. No point taking a whole socket set, a whole set of allen keys, then only some are needed.

steve T 13 Nov 2011 23:04

Hi the only thing i would ad to Geordies list is a hex sump plug adapter (the type used for cars) to fit the front wheel spindle you can then use a spanner or socket to undo it

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