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tnt go east 17 Oct 2008 09:08

Cheap fix expensive problem- DR 650
It doesnt matter how many or what spares you carry, youve never got the right ones....right???

Well as i "luckily" as i pulled into Kuala Lumpur my super reliable DR chucked all its oil on the pavement....You can imagine the suprise and horror on my face.

24 hours on and the garden is smelling of roses.....you will go to the Moto Gp tomorrow...whopee!!!!

The bike has covered 62000kms and the problem was the output shaft (sprocket) oil seal that cost two dollars....if it had happened last week in Sumatra the story would be different. I will now carry a spare.

The seal is a NOK AE1327H or 44mm outside diameter and 25mm inside diameter, available from any seal factor shop.

It quite easily flicks out once the sprocket is removed...the taxi fares round town cost a lot more than the seal.....dont say i didnt warn you.

Anyone else had the same problem??

Tim :scooter:

mollydog 24 Oct 2008 19:43

Thanks for the Tip Tim. First I''ve heard of this problem.

pottsy 11 Jan 2009 16:49

Did my xt one trying to troubleshoot an oil leak - a simple job with the only difficult part getting the sprocket nut off (ft item:stormy:). Apparently this affects some DRZ400's, too.

Frank Warner 11 Jan 2009 21:37

Check the engine breather (goes up and under the fuel tank before going to the air box) is not blocked/pinched. The counter shaft seal is the next pressure relief point .. like oilhead oil inspection 'glass' sight level .. they can pop off ...

LukasM 13 Jan 2009 20:34

Same thing happened to a few guys on ADVrider and Thumpertalk, I now carry a spare as well.

Was too lazy to go to a (cheaper) bearing company so I just bought the Suzuki replacement:

Part number: 09283-25096 $5.65

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