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beddhist 27 Jan 2005 00:00

25l Acerbis tank on DR650SE HowTo
We have just fitted the second tank and I wanted to share my acquired knowledge. So, for all who are looking for a way to fit the big tank on the SE (model SP46) I have posted parts list, instructions and pictures with measurements here: http://beddha.free.fr/DR650SE/TankAdapter/

Sorry about the lack of quality of the pictures: the parts were scanned, not photographed. That is cause Canon can't be bothered to repair our camera under warranty. It's been almost 4 months...

Feedback is welcome, in case of errors, improvements...

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,


rm250c2 26 Aug 2008 00:14

big acerbis tank
I was wondering if the stock seat will work on the DR650SE with this gas tank conversion?

beddhist 26 Aug 2008 03:15

It worked for us. The first few times we put the seat on I had to use brute force, but it's plastic, so eventually adapts to the new shape. Just make sure the tab on the seat engages properly on the frame, you have to look and push it down hard.


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