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drmotard 5 Oct 2010 06:01

1992 dr 650 clutch problem
Have a 92 dr650 clutch will not release. It will just kill the motor if you pull in the clutch to stop. Have had the clutch out twice and everything seems o.k. Any advice would be helpfull.

gixxer.rob 5 Oct 2010 23:46

What did you see ?
If you look in the oil filler and work the clutch lever can you see the clutch plates moving at all ?

What did the clutch basket look like when you had it apart ? was there little ridges worn where the friction plates slide up and down in it ? If the basket is too worn it can cause the friction plates to catch and not disengage properly.

You can measure the clutch springs to see if they are still within their tolerance. ie now too compressed to release the friction and metal plates.

Is the clutch cable worn and now too long ? can you adjust it any more ?

If it has been a while since the bike was running i have had very sticky plates that need the to be forced apart by starting the bike in gear to try and release the plates.

drmotard 6 Oct 2010 03:13

clutch problems
Thank you for the suggestions. I think I have it figured out. The jutter spring was incorrectly installed. The friction plate that goes next to it is supposed to have a larger opening. The plates were all the same i.d.
Will use the old one with the correct i.d. to see if this cures it.
Once again thank you.

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