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Katanamangler 11 Aug 2012 13:34

1991 DR650 rs
Hi All,

After many happy years on a XT600 I've recently purchased a DR650 rs> I bought it very cheap due to the fact that the previous owner reported it wasn't producing a spark. The bike has only done 11K so I was confident that I could get to the bottom of the problem.

I have read one of the most common problems was a faulty pick up pulse coil so I thought I would remove the generator cover and take a look but I'm having some difficulty removing the cover.

All of the bolts are out and there is movement all the way round the casing but its being held up at the top around to section at the the starter motor. Any tips for getting this off. Usually gradual waggle and pull gets these off.

Katanamangler 11 Aug 2012 16:30

While awaiting a reply I managed to get the casing off:clap:
My suspicions were correct and I found the pick up pulse coil was held on with one bolt and the other was rattling around inside the casing. The windings bolts themselves were only finger tight. So reassembled and we have ignition.

I noticed alot of brown oily varnish on the outer metal contact plates of the windings. I was going to scrape this off but just wondered how sensitive these plates are to damage. Do you think it would be safe to clean these up with some coarse emery paper?

LAZ 1 15 Aug 2012 04:50

One other thing ....
The early DR 650s had a PAPER cylinder gasket, which was prone to leaks and lower compression problems. You might want to check your compression as well. You should probably upgrade with a new metal gasket before you take off on any long trips.

Other than these issue, just add a bigger tank, a bit of a wind screen, some decent tires, and ?perhaps a smaller front sprocket?.

The DR 650 is one of my favorite dual sport rides for short trips and lots of dirt. For longer rides, or more hiway oriented travel, I prefer the improved comfort, smoothness and power of the DL 650.

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