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ffmark 6 Jul 2006 21:18

What bike manufacturer has the best support / parts supply in Uganda?
:confused1: Looking for some advice on the listed topic. I am working with an organization in Uganda (SEVO - Samaritan Emergency Volunteer Organization) to train Ugandans as Emergency Medical responders. We are looking at buying six enduro bikes (250's) to ship over from the US and outfit to be used in first response situations.

I am looking for any personal experience information regarding which bike manufacturer would be able to provide the best local service and parts supply.

When I have been in Kenya and Gambia, I noticed that Hondas seemed to be the local choice for a bike, but I am unsure of the availability in Uganda.

Thank you for your assistance.:helpsmilie:

Atwoke 7 Jul 2006 15:21

Hi Mark,

If memory serves me right you get a lot of 125 Yamahas and Suzukis. Not sure about larger bikes (we had one guy with a 250 Yamaha).

I would recommend to visit the bike shops in Kampala and see what they sell. Much better to buy the bikes locally and spend some money in the local economy. This also puts you directly into touch with the guys who'll have to supply the spares and service the bikes.

If you are planning to use the bikes up country it might be better to get 125s anyway as it will be easier to get them serviced and repaired locally. You will probably not find a specialised motorbike mechanic outside Kampala!

Good luck with the project


Sophie-Bart 10 Jul 2006 09:47

riders for health
Do you know about riders for health? A 'succesfull' project with a lot of experience in the field (not only in The Gambia but starting in other countries aswell).

They know all about what you are trying to achieve (funds, training, structure and logistics).
Maybe you can contact them about these and other questions (instead of having to reinvent the wheel again) or even colaborate with them.

succes and regards!

uganduro 10 Jul 2006 12:20

I'd go for the yamaha's (tt250r), or the honda (xr250) or any bike you see a lot on the streets.

But why would you waste money in America and sponsor the shippers etc. when you can probably buy/order them directly from the honda/yamaha importer in Uganda?

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