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christiaensluc 15 Nov 2003 21:31

Visa Mali + Bordersituation Senegal
Hi there,
we at the moment at Erfoud Marocco with 2 ford escorts( from 1986 and 1993). We planned to go to Senegal/Gambia.
How would the situation be? Is it totally impossible to enter with our cars?
Second question: If we decide to go to Mali- haven't got a visa yet- can we do that in Nouakchott and/or at the border?
Thanks for any advice!
Take care!

Kevin 15 Nov 2003 21:43

If you do not have a carnet then you cannot enter senegal as a tourist. You can however take a customs officer to another border with you i.e. Gambia as a guarantee. This will cost between €300-350 for the two cars.

This service is only available at Rosso.

The Mali visa is available in Nouakchott for about €6 (03.2003) usually on the spot or at the latest in a couple of hours.

camiel 22 Jan 2004 12:44

Has anyone recently obtained a Mali visa in Nouakchott? Is it still as readily available as suggested by Kevin?


lee5500 24 Jan 2004 01:59

I got a Mali visa in Nouakchott (UK citizen) about 4 weeks ago and it took about 2 hours. Very easy.

camiel 24 Jan 2004 22:10

Excellent news. Thanks much.

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