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Lamin Sambou 12 May 2006 17:09

Very nice man at Diama
Hi all,

I don't want to sound smug, and maybe I should keep this to myself, and I'm sure it's easier on 2 wheels but...
Went through Diama into Senegal a few weeks ago. on my motorbike, no carnet. I went into the customs and there was a very polite, clean cut, young man on duty. we briefly exchanged pleasantries and he asked me for my vehicle papers. I gave him my vehicle registration document, my drivers licence and my passport. He did not ask me for a carnet. he did know I had ridden from UK. He then proceeded to write out the passe avant (don't think I spell that right but you know the paper I mean). I was waiting quietly for him to ask for the payment. he finished writing and stuck the fiscal stamp on. and then asked for the 5,000 CFA. I only had euro's in my pocket so he waited while I went and got some changed.

a very nice man indeed. Can't remember his name, I wonder what day's he's on duty ? i went through on a Saturday.

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