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Matt Roach 11 Jul 2010 18:42

Update on Angolan visa heading north
A quick update on the Angolan visa situation heading north.

Angolan embassy in Windhoek will only accept an application from a permanent resident of Namibia.

The consulate in Oshakati will only issue a 30 day ordinary visa after the payment of a large negotiable sum. The going rate appears to be between N$3,000 (US$400) and N$8,000 depending on your bargaining skills and patience / desperation. Expect no receipts and last minute attempts to increase the price. There appears to be little chance of a transit visa at the normal price.

There is no chance of a transit visa at the Oshikango / Santa Clara border, and my travelling companion was turned around with a big "Refused Entry" notice.

There is a border crossing at Mahehene (on the roads to Ruacana) , which does not appear on any maps I have seen, although it is on Tracks 4 Africa. This is a much quieter and easier crossing than Santa Clara. There is also a single vehicle piste from here to Cahama, which avoids the bad section of road between Cahama & Humbe. 4WD not necessary in the dry season, although it might be in the wet season.

dajg 13 Jul 2010 06:21

great info... so what are the alternatives for northbound travellers? where is the most promising place to apply?

i was gonna give it a go in zambia in a month or so - is the 5 day transit valid for entry within the next 3 months...?

fernandosanchezfalcon 22 Jul 2010 12:51

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Matt Roach 28 Jul 2010 16:07

I also met a couple of South African bikers who had successfully obtained Angolan visas in South Africa without too much hassle. I am not sure if they will issue to non SA residents though.

The bottom line is that if you really want to head into Angolan from Namibia, the 30 day visa is possible at Oshakati, albeit extremely expensive and time consuming. You can be sure the proceeds also end up in the consul's pocket.....

Unfortunately I don't have info re:availability in Zambia.

kayamtom 2 Aug 2010 20:31

Just in case anyone currently in south africa is heading north to Angola; the current rate for Angolan visa's in Cape Town is £75 (R750), it takes 5 takes to process, you need an invitation letter from Angolan resident/tour company and proof of funds.

roamingyak.org 4 Aug 2010 17:23

Jemma, is that for SA residents only??

MountainMan 4 Aug 2010 23:50


Originally Posted by roamingyak.org (Post 299791)
is that for SA residents only??

Nope, it's for foreigners as well (or least was in May/June of this year). Five business days wait for a 30 day visa, closed on Fridays except for pickup. The consulate is at the foot of Long Street which is the street where all the backpackers are located. As Jemma mentions, letter of invitation required, I've got a contact lying about somewhere, if anyone requires pm/email me and I'll dig it out and pass it along.

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