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dhprider 7 Jun 2011 16:18

Two Bikes, ready to go, for sale in Kenya
Hi, Well have two bikes all ready to rock (Honda 200XL) with custom gear racks, recent valuations (needed for carnet), and potentially more gear that you will need for your trip available in Mid August in Kenya. Message me for more info and pictures. They are registered in Kenya but if you are serious (and maybe want to end up in Kenya) we will be coming from South Africa so we could arrange to meet you and sell them anywhere between south africa and Kenya.



jorisflore 16 Jun 2011 15:37

Me and my girlfriend are taking a trip from kenya to south-africa starting the end of july.
Till now we were planning on hiking, but i'm very interested in your offer. Can you send me some info(price, km's, ...) and pictures. Can anybody tell me if it will be possible to sell them in south-africa becouse they are registered in Kenya?
mid august we will be somewhere between kenya and tanzania btw.

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