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englisharchie 28 Jul 2010 21:50

turn off for diema piste
hasw anyone got the gps coordines
for the diemma turn off on the road from noukchott to head for the senegal border

englisharchie 29 Jul 2010 22:18

diamma turn off
surely it should be N16.39 etc

Tim Cullis 30 Jul 2010 08:41

Bert's waypoint is in the middle of nowhere.

There's now two turnoffs for Diamma.

There's a new route that cuts off 60km north of Rosso at N16 47.408 W16 05.930. This is on a new road which as of Feb 2010 was still under construction, but which nevertheless will save 80km and a tremendous amount of time. From the turnoff head SSW to N16 33.813 W16 16.156, then east past the Keur Massene lodge and after a total of 40km join the traditional piste route at N16 31.788 W16 14.302.

The one people have used until now is at N16 30.904 W15 48.783 which is not long before the Rosso ferry. You turn off to the right (if heading south) and head south west at first, then west. It's initially quite confusing, so use N16 30.819 W15 48.901 as a second waypoint. From there it's easy to follow the piste. Going this way involves 60km of road, then 60km of piste before you meet the first alternative.

Your next waypoint on either route is the entrance to the national park at N16 22.654 W16 20.456.

Bertrand 30 Jul 2010 09:11

Tim is right- I was thinking of Diamma, Mbeyene
incorrect coords removed- sorry!

englisharchie 30 Jul 2010 23:16

Diama piste
thanks tim/bert done the rosso border once dont fancy a 2nd go

slartybartfast 15 Aug 2010 21:29

diama new route
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we took the diama crossing back into Mauri instead of enduring Rosso again . the new road as of 8 weeks ago was nowhere near complete the road is no more than an access track for construction vehicles and qiute rough in places BUT still better than trying to cross at Rosso

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