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neill.bird 7 Dec 2011 18:00

Sudan Visa Process and Letter from UK Embassy
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We've just got our Visa's for sudan and we have a copy of the letter which the UK Embassy charge £450E for. About £45UK. You can get away with one copy per couple don't let them sell you two as a copy is good enough. Not sure if ALL copies would be good enough. Maybe they might want to see one original. We certainly had no problem with one original and one copy for me and the wife. The guy in the Sudan Embassy charges £1E for the copy. The UK Embassy opens at 10am and took 15mins to give us the letter this includes signing into the building and filling the simple form. You MUST have your UK passport with you and it MUST contain the Egyptian Visa. No idea why they want these but they insisted. They would not accept our second passports or copies whilst they were in the Ethiopian Embassy.

Once you have this letter you can apply.
You need -

The UK embassy letter (1 copy)
Two passport photos
Photocopy of your Passport
Photocopy of the Egyptian Visa Page
Original Passport
$100US per person
Application form completed
Photocopy of completed application

The Embassy took our info and took till 10am the next day. You can probably submit anytime in the morning and get it back at 10am. You should have no trouble turning up at 10am at the UK embassy and getting it all done in submitted by midday and then collecting the next day.

There are three windows in the office to the left of the door. You need the one with PASSPORT on the plaque above the window. This is the right hand window. Do not queue at any of the others. This is the same window for collecting blank applications and submitting. The middle window is where you pay once you have submitted. The guy will usher you to that window once he checks the paperwork. There is a photocopy guy on site.

Vleis 7 Dec 2011 19:34

Thanks Neill, very helpfull info.

So if I understood this correct you got the visa form the Sudan Emabssy in London with a 1 day turn around?


Vleis 7 Dec 2011 19:36

Sorry, just read the letter. So it is from Cairo. :oops2:

neill.bird 7 Dec 2011 20:48

sorry my fault as i thought i'd posted a clear advice. No luck i'd not been clear....sorry. It was indeed in cairo.

We got ethiopian and sudan in 4 days. The ethiopian is easy but after 2pm next day. Sudan after 10am next day. You do not need one before the other but the ethiopians asked for sudan first and we said hard luck and we got ethiopia first. This was based on some previous advice that turns out to be wrong. Sudan do not need ethiopia first. If anything its the other way round but we got past that requirement easily.

Vleis 7 Dec 2011 21:57

Thanks Neill

I also read about the Ethiopia visa first "rule". Thouht I will try get Egypt and Ethiopia whilst I am still in London and then Sudan from when in Cairo. Thansk for the info about the turn around time is a day and costs.


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