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freeflyd 5 Nov 2010 14:43

Sudan Visa in Nairobi
This just in: November 2010

It took us two days to get our Sudan Tourist visas in Nairobi and cost $50 each.

These are full blown tourist visas, not transit visas!

We did not need Egyption Visas to get them.

We needed the following:
2 x Application forms (On site)
Copy of Carnet
Copy of front of Debit Card (Proof of funds)
Introduction letter from Embassy. (RSA was free, UK was a wopping £65)
$50 each for visa fee in Local Currency!

You have 60 dasy to enter the country and have two months in the country.

taniyamorris 8 Nov 2010 17:43

That's great - thanks for the info. What have you done about your Ethiopian visas?

freeflyd 9 Nov 2010 07:31


Originally Posted by taniyamorris (Post 311957)
That's great - thanks for the info. What have you done about your Ethiopian visas?

Coming from the south you can still get Etiopian visa in Harare, Zimbabwe. From the north you can get in Sudan. Otherwise... Make UPS in Nairobi happy by bending over without vasseline. BTW. UPS is about 25% cheaper than DHL.

PanEuropean 10 Nov 2010 05:37


Are you speaking about a visa issued by the Government of Sudan (GOS), or a travel permit issued by the Government of South Sudan (GOSS)?

If you are entering South Sudan from Kenya, I believe that the document you need to have is a GOSS travel permit, not a GOS visa (although the GOS visa may also be necessary if you plan to continue your travel up to the Northern part of Sudan). The GOSS travel permit is a stand-alone document (not a stamp in your passport) that is issued by the GOSS office in Nairobi. When you present the GOSS travel permit upon entry to the south, you then receive a GOS stamp in your passport - plus, of course, the GOSS permit is also stamped.

I flew into Juba two weeks ago from Nairobi, and this was the procedure that I followed. As far as I know, this procedure has been in place for several years now. I am not sure what kind of reception you would get upon entering the south if you only presented a GOS visa.

Of course, if you plan to enter the North (e.g. fly to Khartoum), then a GOSS document is not needed.

You might also want to have a look at this discussion about travel in South Sudan: Sudan to Kenya. I don't think now is a good time to visit South Sudan, unless you plan to be out of the South no later than December 1.


BlueToyo 28 Nov 2010 14:42

GOSS permit
hi all,
I got my Sudan visa in Kampala ($20) without any hassle or photocopies of anything. And then... yes the GOSS travel permit (GOSS=Government of Southern Sudan). I enquired twice at the Sudanese authorities, and they said that I only needed my Sudanese visum.... no problem, it will get you anywhere. But of course, I needed the GOSS travel permit, available at the border. This cost me ca $100 including road permits.

please read my other thread if you are really into travelling there...

I understood that the border area Kenia-Sudan-Ethiopia is really dodgy at the moment... however, I have not been there myself. And what are other peoples stories worth eh.... But please take care nowadays.

If you are in Southern Sudan, enjoy, because the people are fantastic!

JonShuler 19 Dec 2010 03:24

Getting In
Hey guys.

1) I wanted to say Thanks for sharing all this. I've been trying to find good information about the GOSS vs Sud. Visa and I find it HERE! I'm really appreciative to Bluetoyo for the extensive debrief of his journey.

2) I noticed that non of you guys are Yanks. Have you heard about guys from the US having a harder time getting visas? If I want to get my visa through the Sudan Embassy in Washington, it's 6 weeks and $150! I'm trying to get a Journalist Visa (I'm covering the Referendum) so I can get up to Khartoum for ONE interview, otherwise I'll be in the south.

3) Any one have a good cafe recommendation in Juba?

michnus 3 Jan 2011 10:18

Thank you for the info Micheal. Coming from Ethiopia going to Egypt do we need the stamp from GOSS or just the GOS visa?

Do you have the adress of the embassy in Nairobi where we can apply for the visas.
Good news for our South Africans on the cost of the introdution letter. By the way is it a letter we need to get from the SA embassy?

reallybigtruck 27 May 2014 13:24

info still up to date
We just got our Sudan visum, requirements are still as stated above.

Visum picked up next day.

Thanks for sharing.

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