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basdekleijn 21 Apr 2004 20:19

sudan-saoudie crossing
I want to cross from Ethiopia to Sudan to Saoudie Arabia with my car to get back to the Netherlands. I cannot enter Egypt because of a unvalid Carnet. Does anybody have some recent information on taking the ferry from Suakin to Jiddah? Things I would like to know are: costs, safety in Saoudi Arabia. How and where to get a transit visa for this country. How save is it for western people to drive trough this country at the moment?

Toby2 22 Apr 2004 00:41

You can get a Saudi transit visa in Khartoum. You will also need to get a Syrian visa because you can't get it in Jordan and you won't have time in Saudi as you will only probably be issued with a 3 day transit visa. You can and will also need to get the Jordan visa equally because you won't have time to be able to get one in Saudi. This takes about 3 days and seems pretty straightforward. I believe its also cheaper to get the ferry to Jeddah and go up through Saudi Arabia than to go through Egypt. However like Egypt, there is a tax I believe on Diesel engines, but it isn't as much as the Egyptian tax. I'm guess it will be fairly safe as you are away from the major Cities, the Iraq border and the roads are supposed to be excellent.

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