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frenchian 24 Sep 2012 15:38

Storing a vehicle in Southern Africa
We're reviewing our plans as we may need to break our journey and spend some months back in UK:(. We're curenntly in northern Namibia and are considering leaving the vehicle (Unimog) either here or somewhere in SA for 6 to 9 months before heading north again.

Has anyone any experience doing this - what are the issues? (the current carnet is good to next May but would have to be extended somehow)


Habari 1 Oct 2012 11:14

No issues at all, I have used U-Store it a couple of times, there is one right next to the CPT airport.

Desert Driver 20 Oct 2012 13:11

I have stored my landorver outside windhoek near the airport on a farm. They have about 90 vehicles in their lock ups and prices are very reasonble, they also have a camp site and will drive you to the airport. If you want their info let me know

mrsgemini 21 Oct 2012 20:41

Was just about to recommend the Trans Kalahari Inn ( referred to above) when I read your post. Also camped there.


Allie_Smit 22 Oct 2012 14:48

Southernmost point of Africa...
I'm 30km from the Southernmost point of Africa - Cape L'Agulhas, if you get here, give me a call - we can make a plan....

nadraia 22 Oct 2012 21:35

Hi frenchian
I was looking for some storage near Joburg and I faund this 2 addresses
- Abound : Storage Facilities Johannesburg | Furniture storage facility Gauteng tested by a french traveller and it was ok, but for a Land Cruiser
- The Country Park - Muldersdrift, www.countrypark.co.za, It s an hotel / camping with storage facilities : open air storage at a cost of R150 per monthand thay have aswell carport facilities
I hope this will help

langebaan sunset 14 Nov 2012 19:03

Storage in Souther Africa
Two places I can recommend for Cape Town

1) Roverland R300 / month. Also good for servicing your car too - we have used them
2) car shipping from South Africa | Camping in Cape Town | Cape Town Backpackers | vehicle storage Cape Town | Freight forwarder South Africa | overland Africa | African Overlanders | accommodation in Cape Town offer similar service - also a camping and shipping. Responsive and professional



frenchian 14 Nov 2012 20:30

Thanks to all for your suggestions, I found a facility near Windhoek where I've been able to store it in a closed, locked, alarmed, securised building for reasonable money.

My only query at the moment is the Cross Border Charges (Mass Distance) - we've got a x-border permit (3 months) that runs out in December. Normally we would pay the Mass Distance Charge on exiting the country, but we won't be exiting.... I understand that I can get a new Cross Border permit in Windhoek when I return, but will not having paid the Mass Distance part upset this somehow?:confused1:


mrsgemini 15 Nov 2012 16:33

We have never paid any charges when exiting Namibia and just bought a new Cross Border permit when we next arrive.


frenchian 15 Nov 2012 17:54

Ah yes, I should have refreshed the fact that it's a truck and therefore the Mass Distance Charges apply to it (not to less than 3.5t I think). It's the MDC that worries me, not the Cross Border Charge.


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