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warrick 23 Aug 2008 21:38

Southern Africa, Botswana to Zanzibar
I live in Botswana, Southern Africa so it makes sens for me to start my trip there, I plan to ride from Serowe to Zanzibar and cover a lot of miles in between. Places of interest include Okavngo Delta (northern Botswana), Caprivi Strip (Namibia), Victoria Falls (Zambia), Lake Kariba (Zambia), Lake Malawi, and Stone Town (Zanzibar).

I have been riding for more than a couple of years but as far as touring by bike is concerned I am a novice, I have traveled through most of the Countries listed above already so it wont be completely strange to me.

I plan to go next year in autumn(fall ) or spring April- May or September October. I am looking for people interested in taking part in the journey through some of the most amazing landscapes in Southern Africa.

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